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Realized Only Using 10th Generation Glass Substrate

World largest* 120”8K4K LCD

Unprecedented large-screen LCD panel with 8K4K resolution provides high presence conspicuous and powerful images. Only SDP achieved to develop 120”LCD panel using 10th generation substrate. Two 120-inch displays can be effectively produced from a single substrate.
While in the process of approaching 8K official broadcasting, SDP proposes this product for applications including high-end TV, digital signage, displays in conference and class room.
(* As of July 1, 2019 ; in-house estimate.)

World largest 120”8K4K LCD

Key features

1. 120” diagonal display —world largest

2. 8K4K(7,680×4,320) resolution to showcase detailed text and brilliant high-resolution content.

3. Harnessing wide-color-gamut color filter to deliver breathtaking images.

22:9 aspect ratio provides to Indicate much data

104” 5K2K Ultra-wide LCD

22:9 aspect ratio is a near cinematic movie ratio and wider. It is nearly 1.4 times longer than a traditional wide-screen (16 : 9) display. Resolution of this product is 5K2K (5,280x2,160) ,it is able to show picture that size of 4K2K Ultra HD plus additional information. Engineered for portrait and landscape installation orientation, it provides brand-new digital signage experience according to the installation space and environments.

104” 5K2K Ultra-wide LCD (Prototype)

104” 5K2K Ultra-wide LCD (Prototype)

Key features

1. 104-inch 22:9 ultra-wide stretch LCD Display

2. 5K2K(5,280X2,160)ultra-high resolution

3. Direct LED backlight provides brightness of from 500cd/m² to 700cd/m²

Bezel width of only 4.4mm

70” Ultra-Narrow bezel LCD for Video Wall

Ultra-narrow bezel design width of less than 5mm. Actual pixel resolution for a single display is FHD(1,920×1,080), using popular 2x2 array produces 4K2K Ultra HD(3,840x2,160) resolution. Installation is possible for Portrait and Landscape for Video Wall.

70” Ultra-Narrow bezel LCD Display for Video Wall (Prototype)

Key features

1. 70” Class FHD LCD Module for Wall Display. Ultra-narrow bezel of only 4.4mm (the distance between active areas of 4.8mm)

2. Resolution: FHD (1,920×1,080) for a single display

3. Direct LED backlight provides brightness of from 500cd/m² to 700cd/m²

Showing new possibility of display such as for pillar signage applications

60” Convex Curved FHD LCD

SDP’s technology realizes large curvature (small radius; 500mm radius) convex curved LCD. Incorporating a convex curved wrap around design, demonstrating new display style beyond flat panel displays for the expanding digital signage market.

60” Convex Curved FHD Display (Prototype)

Key features

1. Convex curved (500mm radius)

2. Resolution: FHD(1,920×1,080)



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